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Sewer Locators

AdvancedWorld carries and sells the top sewer line locators for pipe and drain inspections. Buy Radiodetection locator and Buy Ridgid locator with underground utility precision  and sewer line locators, including NaviTrack and SeekTech locators and sewer pipe inspection cameras for all your Utility Locating, Testing and Measurement, Hand-Held Video Inspection, Drain & Sewer Video Inspection, Monitors & Recorders, Reels & Cameras for any tough sewer pipe line inspection job needs!

Pipe & Cable Locators, Water Leak Locators, Sewer Locators:

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Radiodetection Earth Stake
This metal stake is inserted into the ground to provide an earth return path for the transmitter ..
Radiodetection 8100PXL
RD8100PXL RD8100PXL, our most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree to ..
Radiodetection Flexrod 394' (120m)
The Flexrod reel holds 197' or 394' (60m or 120m) fibreglass rod used for tracing pipes and ducti..
Radiodetection Sewer Sonde
This is a self-contained, battery-operated sonde, measuring 2.51" x 6.61" (64mm x 168mm). It can ..
Radiodetection PCMx 150 Kit (Includes: PCMx Locator, TX-150 PCM Transmitter, A-Frame w/Bag & Soft Locator Bag)
Pipeline integrity and corrosion control Radiodetection’s PCMx system enables corr..
Radiodetection 8100PDL
RD8100PDL, our most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree to deliver perfor..
Radiodetection Neodymium Magnet
This high strength magnet can be attached to metallic pipes, street furniture, etc., to provide a..
Radiodetection 8100PTL
RD8100PTL RD8100PTL, our most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree to ..
Radiodetection S6 MicroSonde Kit
The S6 MicroSonde is a very small transmitter designed to allow operators to trace and detect blo..
Radiodetection 8000PDL Locator
Please note that the RD8000 series locators have been replaced by the RD8100 series locators. ..
Radiodetection Locator Clamp 2"
This is used with a locator to help identify target utilities in congested areas by sensing the s..
Radiodetection SI50 Smart Interrupter
SI50 is a Solid State Cathodic Protection Interrupter for pipeline technicians. The SI50 is ..
Radiodetection 8100PTLG
RD8100PTLG RD8100PTLG, our most advanced locator range, builds on over 40 years of pedigree t..
Radiodetection Transmitter Rechargeable Battery Kit - Complete Kit - Li Ion
This kit is a convenient and cost effective alternative to alkaline batteries. It includes a batt..
Radiodetection Current Direction (CD) Transmitter Clamp
This clamp is used to apply a CD or low frequency signal from a transmitter to a cable or pipe. T..
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