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I’ve often referred to the Warthog sewer nozzle as the closest thing to a “Secret Weapon” in our industry and there are many among you who I know heartily agree with me on this.  I was first in my region to tout the merits of the Warthog nozzle and despite early objections “You want how much for this nozzle???”, today the StoneAge Warthog nozzle is widely regarded as the gold standard for performance and value, with countless agencies using it as their standard sewer cleaning tool.

I was blessed to have a wonderful introduction to our industry when I was recruited to run the legendary Sreco-Flexible organization.  “Sreco”, as the company is known, is an acronym for Sewer Rodding Equipment Company.   The company was founded by the Crane Family and legend has it that the Grandfather Crane had invented a coupling, allowing operators to assemble great lengths of steel rods for the first time, which replaced the heavy and cumbersome wooden poles previously used to clean sewer lines manually.  “Hand rodding” was now possible..
Some years ago I was invited to speak before an esteemed group of Wastewater Executives who were affectionately dubbed “The Magnificent Seven”.  They were the Directors and managers of seven collection system agencies which managed services for approximately 20 million people, essentially half the state.  That number of citizens represents a number greater than or equal to 48 states(1) .  Imagine the combined responsibility levied upon this group?  I had been invited to share my views on the future prospects for our industry.  I was to talk about my vision for the f..
It surprises me the number of us who do not consider the use of nozzle extensions as standard operating procedure (SOP) for jetting operations. The use of nozzle extensions, sometimes referred to as centralizers, offers three distinct benefits; • keeping your nozzle centered in the pipe offers the nozzle a better chance to clean the entire pipe wall, • the relatively inexpensive nozzle extension (about $70-$100 depending upon the style and your source of supply) can extend the life of your relatively expensive nozzle (this can range widely, between $100 for a very basic drilled steel ..

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